Mark's Biography

For over thirty years, Mark Ellisor has built a solid reputation as a most trusted businessman in outsourcing. He believes that a reputation as an honest and reliable outsourcing agent is the recipe for success. He is committed to providing quality products to his customer. Mark believes that a consistently good and attentive service will reap bigger rewards than seeking profits by cutting corners or recommending unnecessary services to his customers. Being available and reliable assures Mark that his clients will enjoy a long term profitable business that serves them well.

Mark grew up in Houston, Texas, working and attending night school. Mark began apprenticing at the age of 17, working for the oil & gas industry in the late 70s. Mark's father, a journeymen machinist of 40 years, gave unique insight for producing quality products for the customer. Mark carries on the tradition started by his father many years ago.

Mark was fortunate to start his career at the grass roots level, working his way “up-the-ladder”.  As a Manager, he has had the advantage of attending trade shows, meeting customers, evaluating designs, and supporting sales and services.  Hands-on experience is crucial in developing a strong relationship with the customer and understanding the end user needs.  His experience with manufacturing companies in Taiwan, China and Mexico has given him substantial knowledge in the manufacturing proces

Mark's education has significantly contributed to his carrier. His graduate degree (MBA) has create more options for handling business on a higher level. His professional learning has also strengthened his ability to perform at optimum peak. Mastering Lean tools like, Cellular Manufacturing, Pull and Six Sigma Black Belt certified, has greatly contributed to his outsourcing success.

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