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There are many reasons to outsource. The bottom line; it saves money. Outsourcing lowers operating costs; labor costs are shifted from the parent company to the partnered company. Also, outsourcing frees up internal resources, allowing companies to focus on more meaningful opportunities; the customer.

Outsourcing allows companies to redirect their focus to the business. Huge amount of resources and attention that once fell on the shoulder of management are shifted to the partnered company. BIZPRO, LLC is specialized in streamlining processes, maintaining quality, logistics, and accessing new technology. Outsourcing is more then cost cutting, it is a strategic decision based on the customer’s needs; producing a quality product, on time, cost effectively.

Selecting the right partner to outsource with is a challenging experience. To make the right choice, rely on BIZPRO, LLC experience and knowledge when outsourcing business processes and products to China.

7 questions you should ask yourself before outsourcing:

  What is Outsourcing?
  What are the benefits in outsourcing product?
  What country should I focus my outsourcing efforts?
  Should I deal directly with the manufacturers or hire a consultant or middleman?
  Does the country have resources to manage my projects and products?
  Is my company free to meet and view my products manufactured?
  Does the country offer a stable environment and long term solutions to my outsourcing needs?

Outsourcing to China may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. At BIZPRO, LLC, we bridge the gap and never lose focus for your best interest. Our vast experience in China coupled with hands-on attitude drives the customer’s needs to top priority. Although outsourcing to China may seem like a world away; BIZPRO, LLC manages every process step at our China factory. Made in China is not a phrase used to describe the outcome of a process but a quality term used to describe added value.

USA Office
P. O. Box 912
Pearce, AZ 85625-0912 USA

China Office
DongTai Garden, Dongcheng District
Dongguan City, China 523123
Fax: (86) 769-23025016

email: mark@outsourceinchina.com

  BIZPRO, LLC, is your link to outsourcing in China. We hear the phrase," Hard times ahead," all the time. Companies are seeking alternatives to offset rising costs and lower profits. One alternative is outsourcing product. BIZPRO, LLC, is devoted to you in meeting your manufacturing needs and outsourcing product. Many outsourcing companies are scrambling to countries like Vietnam and India to offset rising costs in China. BIZPRO, LLC, continues to flourish in China relying on Lean/Sigma methodology to control costs.

Hard times provide a window of opportunity. Let us work for you in outsourcing your product. You can put your trust in the personal service and exceptional quality of BIZPRO, LLC. Our manufacturing services and products are produced with each customer in mind. With over 30 years of experience in global-offshore manufacturing, our unparalleled service, quality, and overall value are why our loyal customers do not go anywhere else.

We look forward to working for you.

BIZPRO, LLC was created to be more then just a supplier of products; we bring real solutions in solving your manufacturing needs globally. With our Dongguan (mainland China) based manufacturing factories, we focus our attention towards all sized companies seeking outsourcing solutions. Unlike non-mainland China companies, we are able to slice through the read-tape meeting your needs quickly and efficiently without logistic nightmares.

Imagine the amount of time and effort you will save dealing directly with an established full functioning manufacturing company. No need to consume precious resources attempting a "start-up" facility in a country you are not familiar. Forget about lodging expenses moving your most valuable resources (your employees) to another country. Allow BIZPRO, LLC existing infrastructure throughout China provide the comfort and savings managing its own established operations.

Out ability to quickly respond to your needs with experience, culture knowledge, ethics, and understanding of productivity, quality and product throughput will expeditiously produce high quality, cost effectively products with direct China factory pricing.







BIZPRO, LLC's manufacturing plant is located in Dongguan, north of Hong Kong with easily accessible by all transportation methods.


BIZPRO, LLC respects your privacy and committed to protecting the confidentiality of all products and projects. Your information is always maintained under the strictest standards.