Establish 1998
Engineering and Development
CAD Drawing Capability
Cut-n-Sew and Assembly
Die Stamping and Custom Fabrication
2400 m sq Factory
English Speaking Staff




BIZPRO, LLC, OEM manufacturing company is the right choice for your entire contract cut and sew, insole manufacturing, assembly, packaging, inspection needs and located in the heart of Dongguan City. Dongguan is located at the center position of the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong, China. Half way between Guangzhou and Hong Kong, Dongguan is the largest industrial base in South China and a worldwide renowned manufacturing city. Dongguan has over 180 industrial districts and economic parks. Dongguan consists of 32 towns with over 50,000 enterprises, of which 15,000 enterprises are joint venture or with foreign investment.

BIZPRO, LLC, OEM manufacturing companies are staffed with English speaking professionals who understands the culture of the region and manufacturing and operations. Don't second guess, you have nothing to loose except high operating costs. Free up your most valued resource; your employees. Let BIZPRO, LLC OEM manufacturing companies manage your products.

For your manufacturing needs, BIZPRO, LLC modern; state of art manufacturing facility will exceed your expectations in quality, controlling costs, deliver schedules, and custom fabrication. Capabilities at this facility include; cut-in-sew, die stamping, heat molded and insole extrusions and packaging makes BIZPRO, LLC, the right choice meeting your manufacturing needs.

BIZPRO, LLC other manufacturing capabilities include; convention and CNC milling, rolling, convention and CNC machining, assembly, Plastic Injection Molding, welding and general metal fabrication, plating, coating, painting and packaging. BIZPRO, LLC supplies their customers with products from solar panels to hand bags. The closer you examine BIZPRO, LLC capabilities the better we look. Contact us and see why so many loyal customers keep coming back to BIZPRO, LLC for quality products, on time delivery, cost effective. We look forward hearing from you.