Manufacturing Services Provided

We provide manufacturing services for our customers. No project is too big or too small. We welcome all company sizes, but specialize with medium and small sized companies. We offer our no hassle less than container load (LCL) shipping. Whether its payroll processing, accounting, distribution, or manufacturing; outsourcing will benefit. With BIZPRO, LLC, you are investing in our experience and expertise with every project or task, where quality and the customer always come first. Our multi-capabilities include; cut n sew manufacturing, insoles molding, assembly, packaging, fabrication and precision machining, injection molding, knitting, painting, and electronic assembly including, PCB and cable assembly.



Precision Machining and General Machine Shop Work

General Fabrication

Cut-n-Sew Manufacturing

Plastic Injection Molding

Electronic Assembly including PCB and Cable assembly

Assembly and Packaging

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Shipping and Logistics (FOB, CIF)

What We Offer

  • Premium manufacturing services
  • No contract is required
  • Prototypes and First Piece Article Inspection
  • English speaking staff

  • Quality products
  • On time delivery
  • Flexible schedule
  • Certified workmanship

Misconceptions with Outsourcing

Many outsourcing companies will lead you to believe they communicate knowledge of your product better then yourself. Acting as agents or middlemen they broker your product to companies who offers them the lowest bid. With BIZPRO, LLC we do not and will not broker your product to the lowest bidder. Anyone with statistical knowledge knows the more people handling a product the greater the probability for defects. At BIZPRO, LLC, our goal is defect free; one sure method in accomplishing this is eliminating the middlemen.

BIZPRO, LLC bridges the gap by partnering with the customer. We do not attempt to relay second handed information to brokered suppliers. With BIZPRO, LLC we are the manufacturer. We take producing your product very serious, which is why you may call directly to our manufacturing factory in mainland China and talk directly with our English speaking personnel. BIZPRO, LLC manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art utilizing lean/six sigma methodology. Unlike other outsourcing companies who claim to be “defect free,” we allow the statistics to do our talking.

At BIZPRO, LLC we have nothing to hide.  Come join our team and see why so many loyal customers keep coming back.


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